I am fortunate to be working with some of the most forward-thinking association leaders, both professional societies and trade associations. My clients are taking on some of the most critical issues of our day including:

  • What is the value of certification and how must it adapt to the 21st century so that it is no longer a burden but valuable to practitioners, employers, and beneficiaries?
  • How must retail businesses evolve to keep up with massive changes that are sweeping through the world in the form of behemoths like Amazon, JD, Tencent and Ali Baba?
  • How do we grow our company’s culture so that our staff is fully engaged in the toughest issues we face?
  • How do we ensure there is a talent pipeline that embraces women, African Americans, and Hispanics in what is a traditionally white male profession?

I love my work and tackling these issues put me face-to-face with important contributions to society at large.

What turns you on? Where do you want to contribute? What might you do in the week ahead?

“I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings.”
– Margaret Mead