T​he Blessing of a Kind Ear

T​he Blessing of a Kind EarYesterday morning I found myself in a tizzie. Several things I care deeply about did not go in the direction I was hoping for. And before you know it my heart rate was up, my mind was spinning, and I couldn’t get through a normal conversation, let alone an important one.  That’s when my wonderful wife, Laura, stepped in and asked me a few questions over our morning coffee. She could tell I was spinning out.

After I talked for a little while, she shared with me a little about her week as we had been apart for most of it.  Then she turned her attention to helping me find my way back to a clear place.  It didn’t take much, but what it did take was important to me.
Those few minutes, her kindness, a little bit of conversation… they were gold to me.

It’s amazing how transformational a little bit of kindness can be when doled out at just the right time to someone in need. I got my day back! Thank you, Laura ❤️!

As you go through your week, take the time to notice if someone you care about could use a little extra attention. A tiny bit of care can go a long way toward making a friend or colleague’s day.
Kindness can open the door for mojo!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
-William Arthur Ward