Doug Culkin, CEO of the National Apartment
Association, developed an innovative idea he called, Grow the Show. The
NAA is making an open offer to marketing firms, promotion experts,
anyone who wants to give it a try. Just take the 2013 attendance number
and double it for the 2015 event, and you will win a million dollars. I
wrote about it on my Fast Company blog, The National Apartment Association Will Pay You A
Million Bucks To Get People To Its Conference.
  The NAA has a
website, Win a Million Dollars: Grow the Show.
What is Doug’s risk, really? Not much.
Maybe a little egg on his face.  What’s the payoff? Enormous! He
might grow his market penetration or member engagement or some
combination of the two by 100%. That would not only generate enough
revenue to justify the million dollar investment, it would propel him
into a new level of growth dramatically increasing his prestige and
power in the market.

What bold move might you make?  Is there something outrageous in
your public’s eye that could land you in the news? make you an object
of interest? payoff handsomely if done well? Give some thought to an
audacious, outrageous move that could win your fortune if acted upon

“Are you in
Seize this very minute! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. ”
― Jean Anouilh

book image Getting Innovation RightFrom an
Amazon customer review of my latest book, Getting Innovation Right:

Seth Kahan has
produced a very thorough, careful, and well-researched book on how
anyone and any organization can innovate–and profit from their
innovations. Kahan defines innovation as “The creation and successful
delivery of new products and services.” That is certainly the Holy
Grail for many, and he does a great job at laying out a very thorough
roadmap for how to do it.