Last week Good360 released the paper, The Business Case for Product
. It
provides the bottom line numbers that show donation is a better
financial choice
than either liquidation or landfill when it comes to unloading product
that cannot be moved.

The paper provides two worksheets you can put to use immediately, (1) Return On Investment, and (2) Cost-Benefit Analysis of Liquidate,
Dispose, or Donate
. It goes on to enumerate other benefits of
donations that enhance the organization’s position in the marketplace.

Good360 is the world leader in corporate philanthropy.  Over the
last 28 years they delivered more than $7 billion of donated products
to tens of thousands of nonprofits and schools. Forbes designated them
#6 in the list of the world’s most efficient charities. 

Good360 also provides support services such as setting up and managing
internal donation websites that allow employees to match corporate
funds and designate gifts to specific nonprofits and schools.

Do you know a
foundation, charity, or school that could use a product donation?

Read my Fast Company article for all the details
including a links to the paper itself and Good360’s website where every
nonprofit can sign on and immediately search for
products they need.

All you do is register with their EIN number. Good360 will even look up
your EIN if you don’t know it. Then you can browse donations by The
Home Depot, Mattel, 3M, Hallmark, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crayola,
Sears, Walmart, Life is Good, Kimberly-Clark, and many, many others.