Camping Secrets

You know I love camping and the season is upon us! I have short trips planned to the Shennandoahs and Catoctin, both within 90 minutes of my home. Longer trips coming up this summer in Wisconsin and the Adirondacks. I love backcountry camping, off the grid, surrounded by wilderness!

Here are three secrets that make every trip enjoyable for me:

1. I have a great mattress.
No more do I take in ultralight super thin, narrow sleeping pads. Instead, I pack a slightly heavier mattress that is longer and wider than me with deep ridges. When inflated, it means comfort.

2. Good food.
This winter I studied how to dehydrate food. Now I can bring real lasagna and stroganoff into the woods, not the packaged drek that is sold in camping stores. When you’re in the backcountry for a few days, meals become one of the joys.

3. Enjoy inclement weather.
I make rain fun. I am always ready to improvise a tarp. I carry camping towels not just for me but for my canine companion, too. That way we can go out in the rain and enjoy it knowing we can dry off before we get back in the tent. And, I love storms, too. Thunder! Lightning! Wind! When you’re safe, they are a thrill.

What are your secrets for enjoying the things you love most?

“Be prepared.”
– Robert Baden-Powell

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