I attended the wedding of a close friend, Nathania, this weekend with my family. After the rehearsal dinner my son and I were on our way out. As we said good-night to the bride-to-be, she made the time to step away from her guests and speak to my son, Gabe, a rising senior, about what she learned as an undergraduate. Nathania is in graduate school and her college experience was fresh. She made a point to share what she learned about how to make the first two years of college really count. Gabe was all ears. It was a great moment, two young people in communion about making the most of life.

As I listened to her I realized what a treasure it is when people share their hard-earned wisdom with the sincere intent of helping another out. Perhaps there is someone who can benefit from your wisdom this week, if you take the time to speak from your heart like Nathania. You can change a life. You can change the world.

If what you say or do becomes memorable to another in times of need, an ally are you considered then by the gods.

– Hafiz