Humans are unique in that we conceptualize the
future and then work together to bring it into existence, consistently
breaking barriers, crossing thresholds, and achieving the impossible.

In my work I use conversations to open the doors of perception to new
possibilities, creating an environment where half-baked ideas can
emerge for examination and development, insights can form, and new
possibilities can edge their way into view.

Here are 8 questions I find helpful:

1. What is the best possible thing that can happen as a result of our
   a. What performance improvement is possible as a result?
   b. What could this mean to you, me, and us?

2. How do new ideas successfully take root here?
   a. Where has success happened in the past?
   b. What innovations have we operationalized with good
results before?

3. Where do the trajectories of our efforts converge?
   a. What are the possible synergies if we are both
   b. How can we leverage each other’s results?

4. What motivates you to succeed?
   a. What is the source of your inspiration, your motivation?
   b. How can this be leveraged for even greater returns?

5. What would be the consequences if we were both successful?
   a. Can we describe this world?
   b. How would individual and organizational work be

6. If we were to generate dramatic results, what partnerships would we
rely on?
   a. Who else must be involved in our achievements?
   b. How do we provide returns to them?

7. What prerequisites do we both rely on to achieve big wins?
   a. What can we do to ensure we have what we need?
   b. Where can we combine efforts to ensure success?

8. How can our interdependence be improved?
   a. What are the opportunities for mutual leverage?
   b. Where can we exceed expectations by working together?

Do not underestimate the power of a compelling conversation. Amazing
results await you.