Every leader wants their vision to spread. Visionary leaders want to go beyond the transactional sharing of information and look for ways to engage the group, making them feel they have a shared stake in the future. In my talks with visionary CEOs, I’ve discovered that the two most challenging activities, once they have a vision, are: 

  • creating a shared stake in the success 
  • and accelerating buy-in.

One of the techniques I use to create a shared stake in success is to practice exceeding others’ expectations. Exhibiting integrity and building trust makes people more receptive to new ideas. And most importantly, they will want to be part of the plan.

 If you want to learn more about creating a shared stake in success, check out Chapter 1 – Creating Rapid Widespread Engagement of my book, “Getting Change Right.” You’ll find for more techniques for creating a shared stake in success. I also share 13 techniques for accelerating buy-in in a later.

Every morning think of your key stakeholders and ask: “What can I do to go farther, to give more, to exceed the expectations of the people I’m working with?”