Creating a Social Movement

Experts are predicting an economic rebound this summer. Many associations are reimagining what’s possible in the years ahead. How do you make sure that new ideas and redesigns will take hold across the organization? How do you get stakeholders to accept, embrace, engage, and buy into anything?

In 2001, Dr. Christina Economos led a team of researchers to study how over 300 million US citizens made radical changes to behavior in several vital sectors: recycling, breastfeeding, tobacco cessation, and seatbelt usage. In each of these four areas, the nations as a whole flipped. Dr. Economos wondered what made that change possible.

Based on Dr. Economos and her team’s work, I created an infographic, 10 Key Elements to Social Movement, that explains what you need to know to catalyze a social movement within your organization.  Watch the video above to get an overview of each element and download the infographic here.

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