A retreat is a quiet or secluded place where you can
rest and relax. As I write this I am staying at the Holy Wisdom
just outside Madison, Wisconsin. I came here to work with
the woman who is helping me to midwife my next book, Sarah White. She
lives close by and we can work together in the sparse rooms in the
guest center. It’s clean. There is Internet access. No noise. Kitchen
close by. Beautiful fields and woodlands to stroll through when you
need to clear your head. What could be better?

Sarah is the perfect book developer. I have known her since college and
we stayed in touch. Over the years I have referred a number of clients
who were working on personal books they wanted to publish. Sarah helped
them get through the various stages of putting the books together and
off to the publisher.

As this book neared the end of its first draft I realized I had need of
a thinking partner. I wanted someone who would read my book, give me
feedback that was both structural and conceptual. Sarah was perfect for
the job and I am very glad to have found her. We have a good working

The retreat center plays an important function in all of this. It is a
beautiful location to be working in, elegant and tranquil. It calms the
spirit. I have achieved an amazing intensity of focus, getting more
work done in a short period than I otherwise could accomplish.

In essence I have designed my own retreat. I picked the perfect guide,
Sarah, and she helped me find the perfect location. Why sign up for a
retreat someone else is putting together when I can custom craft
exactly what I need?

What kind of R&R are you in need of? Put together a special
experience that feeds your need and does it exactly the way you like.
That’s one way to take a giant step forward, or inward, as the case may

My next book
is, Getting
Innovation Right: How to Create Inflection Points that Drive Success in
the Market.

I am fortunate to have had my first book become a bestseller, Getting Change Right:
How Leaders Change Organizations from the Inside Out.
As a result, I landed a new book deal for a logical continuation,
intiating a series.

In my experience since 1998 working hand-in-hand with over a hundred
leaders and their organizations, I have distilled seven key activities
that lead to successful innovation. Leaders who carry them out put
themselves ahead of their peers and the competition.

These seven real-world pursuits are what the book is all about. They
make the difference between those who are haphazardly shooting in the
dark with good ideas and those who consistently and systematically
uncover potential, capitalize on opportunity, and generate traction
that drives success in the marketplace.

Just like the last book, I share tips and techniques, stories and
templates. I will be putting together a few papers based on the book in
the months ahead. If you would like to receive them, drop me a line to
let me know.

(Only Read This If You Know Me Personally And Are
Following My Life

Laura Ruchi & SethYou already know Laura and I traveled safely in and out
New Delhi last October and brought home our beautiful daughter, Ruchi.
Today, just ten months later, she speaks English fluidly. Now that we
can converse about more complex topics, I asked her if she was scared
when she came to America with us. She told me she was, so I asked, “Why
did you come?” She told me it was because of her big brother, “Gabe is
cute… reallllyyyyy cute!” Well, now you know! For the latest
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