I am putting together the elements of visionary leadership to develop a course. I came up with six essentials. Take a look and then write to me with your improvements.

1. Master the Basics of Business Leadership – every maestro has dominion over these rudiments:
    A. Your business model – How does it work? What shape is it in?
    B. Your market’s circumstances and scenarios – Where has it come from, where is it now and where might it go?
    C. News and trend analysis
    D. Communication and engagement inside the organization among staff
    E. Board dynamics
    F. The competition

2. Envision the Future – Study the frontier of your space, imagine the best that can happen and build it

3. Cultivate Incessant Curiosity – continuously gobble up new ideas, information and applications.

4. Build Strategic Foresight – Push your knowledge of what is most likely to happen. Identify and watch for the combined impacts of breakthroughs in your space

5. Recruit the Best to Get the Most – Recruit leaders in your field and provide what they need to achieve optimum performance.

6. Develop Your Ability to Inspire – Learn and improve your ability to ignite the passion of others.

So, what have I left out? Write and tell me!