Seth is a motivational speaker and keynote speaker. He uses storytelling and communication exercises to help build strong business communities and ignite positive organizational change.

Develop a communications strategy. Your communications must be integrated with your organization’s mission.

1. Know your audiences and speak to their interests through the media they prefer.

2. Identify core messages. They should be complete, accurate, and compelling.

3. Use stories to create context. Help your audience understand what your communications means to them. Put yourself in their shoes and explain the context in ways that they will understand.

4. Know your distribution networks: electronic and hard-copy.

5. Create a baseline of understanding – i.e., find out what your audiences know today, and work to improve it.

6. Plan your media relations – don’t wait until they are coming to you. Ensure that some of your staff have media relations training.

7. Establish public affairs: communication with policy makers. Know your needs and be proactive.

8. Use your organization’s website: Understand its policies and procedures.

9. Optimize face-to-face events. Know how to work a town-hall so that listeners are involved and experience their value. Run workshops to educate your stakeholders and be an active supporter of community gatherings.

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