What makes your heart jump? Where do you turn for a jolt of fun? Consider it’s more than a lark. It’s a clue to your passion. And passion is truly what makes the world go ’round!
In one of my first large-scale change initiatives at the World Bank, we quickly realized that passion would make the difference between our success or not.  We started asking ourselves how we could attract people who were passionate, and what we could do to cultivate passion among our supporters.  Turns out we were right. A small number of enthusiastic evangelists made all the difference, as we worked to successfully change a large, global, bureaucracy.
And passion is not just for corporate change initiatives. Knowing your passion can make the difference between a life filled with achievement only and one that enjoys fulfillment. Too many people mistake accomplishment for satisfaction.  If you have a million dollars and you’re depressed or anxious, you’re still depressed or anxious. So, where do you go to find the light that lights you up inside? That’s the question that will lead you to happiness.
Childlike dancing is a great example of joyous abandon. By the way, that’s me up there in New York City in 1962, having it out with the birds.
So, find your music, and dance, dance, dance!

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance. 
– George Bernard Shaw