In my work with leaders on architecting and achieving big, bold goals there are two things that stand in the way of the biggest and the boldest achieving their outrageous targets: dramatic revenue generation and transformational senior leaders. In this MondayMorning Mojo, I want to show how this translates into personal excellence and makes visible what might be stopping you with your dreams.
The leaders who are my clients set their sights on transformation. For some it is undeniable social contribution. For others it is ratcheting up mission impact way beyond what it is today. Each has their own chosen quest. Their dreams are noble, well thought out and their ability to rouse others to join in is hardly ever an issue. But, these two are often issues that apparently blindside the leaders even though they are front and center. When it comes to exceptional performance: (1) you must fund your effort with significant resources, and that often means bringing in a new kind of capacity, one that extends skill well beyond the internal foundation team or marketing crew so that you can hit a level of contribution not previously achieved, and (2) you need a senior leadership team that is all in; no time to waste with resistance, poor attitude, skepticism, or lack of drive. If anyone says to you – what I am doing is working, that is complacence plain and simple. You need a senior team that is hungry and will work their little butts off to get the job done. This kind of work is hard enough; you can’t be babysitting people who don’t step up. Your energy is needed elsewhere, up on the horizon with the top 10%.
So, let’s look at what this means at the individual level. First, are you funding your own dreams? Sometimes it takes real money to make dreams happen – which “venture capitalists”
have you approached, or what kind of additional business are you engaging in to raise the capital? Sometimes it takes an extraordinary push, energy – do you have it? Are you keeping a store of your best effort on tap so you can draw on it when it counts?
Second, you need real leaders working to make your dreams come true. You can’t be handicapped by surrounding yourself with people who have a poor attitude, accept the status quo or just can’t get it together to do something exceptional. If you want your dreams to come true, build a personal braintrust of those who punch above your weight.