The Design Summit: Moving Grand Challenges Forward

The Design Summit is the second major event in every Grand Challenge. Unlike the Design Studio – which galvanizes leadership and precedes it – the focus of the Design Summit is to launch the movement that will carry your Grand Challenge forward.

There are three primary agendas in the Design Summit:

  1. Establish the context
  2. Launch the national movement
  3. Impact Growth

A Design Summit is usually highly experiential. The focus is on engagement activities, the creation of new projects, new collaborations, new information, and new resources. The goal is to infuse participants with the energy needed to carry out the work of realizing the Grand Challenge.

If you’re running a Grand Challenge or significant change initiative, watch the video above to:

  • Understand what messages need to be delivered to get everyone aligned with the Common Agenda
  • Learn the importance of inviting partners to the Design Summit who can extend the work of your Grand Challenge
  • Know what level of support and resources will be needed to maximize the impact of your efforts

Are you planning a Grand Challenge or major change initiative? Design Summits are a critical step. Email me if you’re interested in learning more about executing impactful Design Summits or want more information on leading Grand Challenges.

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