Here in Washington, DC, I live in a land of obsessed with doing. But there is another way, known to many, which is all about being.

Our brains are made to do and be. Doing is all about getting things done, analyzing, breaking things down into their parts, plotting the path from point A to point B. Being is about taking in with our peripheral consciousness, much like our peripheral vision, going wide. Doing is focused. Being is expansive.

If you find yourself caught up in the rat race, challenged to unwind and relax, it may be because you are spending too much time doing. There are traditional cures: knitting, going for a walk in the woods, going out on a small boat, meditation.

Finding the right balance with doing and being is about more than enjoying life. They each lead to important insights, open different worlds – both modes allow us to bloom, grow more fully, and contribute more powerfully. Neither is better than the other. Yet, if one is neglected it will cause you to limp along.

Do be do be do.

 – Frank Sinatra