It’s easy to get caught up in all the details of
life, to become so focused on the tasks at hand that you forget to look
out on the horizon and listen for the future that is calling you, the
one that needs your participation to come into being. Yes, there will
always be matters that draw on your attention and take your time. 
But, there are honest to goodness visions to be had, those apparitions
of the remote or seemingly impossible that cause your blood to stir and
the hair to stand up on the back of you neck. Pay attention. Look for
the remarkable. Listen for the calling.  Dream. Reach. Yearn.

Often when dreams speak to you, they rouse fear. Fear is a natural
response when the earth shifts beneath your feet, calling other worlds
into existence. Fear is the cracking of mortar as your foundations are
rearranged to build a new reality. That is why it takes bravery and
daring to pursue the fantastic. 

Audacity, boldness, and grit are requirements to live a life worth
living. There is no compromise when it comes to seeking out that which
is exceptional, extraordinary, and phenomenal. Each person’s vision may
be made up of its own unique qualities, features, and traits, but the
common core is always one of challenging the status quo and that is why
it shakes the substructure of life, resulting in tremors that pluck
anxiety’s taut strings.

The quickest way to diffuse the tension is through the moodshift that
comes from a hearty laugh. Whether you are looking in a mirror and
chuckling at your own antics or enjoying a cosmic joke as the universe
conspires to lift you free from your own assumptions, nothing beats the
release that laughter brings.

All three of these – dreams, courage, and laughter – work together
marvelously, setting the stage for a daring, intrepid life that is
profoundly satisfying. Take them in liberal doses, but never too much
of one without a complement of the other two!

“To succeed in
life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.”
― Reba McEntire

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