There are so many issues in our world today where large-scale social change could make a great impact. During my 13 years at the World Bank, I had the opportunity to work within a small team that led an internal social change. We discovered that bringing people together who care deeply about a particular topic and were engaged in taking action was an incredibly powerful way to make change happen. We called these little communities, thematic groups. I helped build over 100 in just two years and they delivered on the promise of impact.

This is as profound as it is elegant. Real change is accelerated by bringing together passionate people who are actively involved in applying what they know to create solutions. If you yearn for change in your world, find a way to get involved with others who are working on it. That’s where the action is.

It doesn’t have to be grand or even visible. You might, for example, just engage with your family members or close friends. For example, I am interested in addressing racial inequality. I belong to a Facebook group of about 15 friends and we read books together. This last Saturday I watched the movie, 13th, with my wife and daughter and we are now having conversations to process what we learned. (Btw, 13th is an excellent movie on prison systems and their widespread impact on Black life in America – Netflix considered this documentary so important they posted 13th in its entirety on Youtube so people could view it at no cost.)

Driving social change is a privilege in our country. Each one of us has the right to work for what we believe in. Consider how you might work to influence your world in the week ahead.

“Be greedy for social change, and your life will be endlessly enriched.”
– Ann Cotto