Last week was a busy one for me. Monday I was off to Las Vegas where I had the chance to see the amazing annual expo of the Promotional Products Association International and talk together with their leaders about standing up Strategic Foresight inside their organization this year. It was a full day and a half. Then I flew to NYC where I saw my son for a brief visit and was off to help lead a senior retreat on Change Leadership for one of my clients who has ambitious goals of growing 60% in five years. That was intense and productive – they are off to the races. Finally I took the Acela back down to DC so I could be in Reston, Va, the next morning at 7:30am to do a two hour keynote, talking about Grand Challenges and senior leadership development. And in the middle of all this were a variety of important meetings with various clients.


When I got to the end of my week I felt happy and spent. I slept 12 hours Friday night.

The weather in DC was cold, a little sleety, but more wet than icy. And Saturday morning I did one of my favorite rituals, take Sita for a walk up to the park. Every day when I am home the two of us start the day off together, dog and man. It’s a special bond. She has been my companion since she was 10 months old. I rescued her from an abandoned litter in February of 2012, so we are coming up on our four year anniversary!

Even though the weather was inclement, it sure felt good to be back with her again going through the motions of our regular outing. It was just enough travel to make me relish a cold walk with my shepherd. Now, I am ready for another week to start in earnest!

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.
– Kinky Friedman