I am here in LA with my daughter, Ruchi, and wife, Laura. Laura took a class today in Hollywood on writing commerical music for television and movies. Mon-Wed I am in the Skid Row School for Large Scale Change, a class all about what it takes to have an initiative take off and go viral.

The class is taught by a stellar faculty that has tons of experience in leading successful programs that spread like wildfire. I will be joined by over 40 colleagues that represent philanthropy organizations and cause-based programs interested in seeing their work scale.

I will be video blogging from my Facebook page, Seth Kahan on Visionary Leadership. I will share pictures, models, videos, frameworks, techniques, strategies and tactics. If you want to follow me, like the page at https://www.facebook.com/SethVisionary/ and turn on notifications and see me first in your newsfeed – then you will receive all I’m learning as I post it. That starts this morning, Monday, PST.

Last Friday I visited my friends at the XPRIZE Foundation, and did a video interview of Marcus Shingles, CEO. You can view it at VisionaryTalk.com, or if you get this email late you can always find it here.

The talk with Marcus was really outstanding. He spoke about

  • Rapidly emerging trends CEOs can take advantage of today to grow their organization’s capacity
  • Challenges he is facing as CEO of an exponential organization
  • New technologies that are disrupting business today, and
  • XPRIZE’s massive transformational purpose: building the bridge for humanity so we make it through the challenges of today to the promises of tomorrow.
When you play with great players, you play better, it just elevates your game.
– Bill Murray