I certainly am no expert when it comes to the
ancient art of Feng-Shui. I looked up the definition recently and came
upon this, “a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement
and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, and whose favorable
or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing

Sita looksI was trying out some new options for my office this
weekend, moving furniture around. I noticed that my dog, Sita, likes to
sit by the front door and watch the world go by. So, on a whim, I put a
bench beneath my window where she could perch. Sure enough, she came in
to enjoy the view.

So, I moved the bench, the dog arrived, and now there are hours of
watching and not just by her. I find myself calmed by watching her
watching the world. The stream of life now has a little eddy in my
office window.

I recall my days at the World Bank when my boss, Steve Denning, pursued
my interests as a way of activating my passion at work.  It is one
of the greatest leadership skills I know, tapping peoples’ passion and
putting it to work.

Together we discovered storytelling, which led us out onto a major
tributary of the life stream. Storytelling came to life for us, and
soon stories were traveling the globe reshaping core activities of the
World Bank in ways that are still active and alive today.  Beyond
that we contributed to a storytelling renaissance, engaged with
visionaries around the world.  We hit a vein in the flow of life’s
energy and the ride was magnificent. That was a kind of Feng-Shui, too,
an arrangement and orientation that opened up a flow of energy with
favorable effects.

Where is there a bench you can move into place that will free up a bit
of the life force today?

Your sacred space
is where you find yourself again and again.

– Joseph Campbell