Nothing is certain, though we like to pretend it is so. There are some things we count on: the sun coming up tomorrow, our loved ones support, our own abilities. Yet, even these can sometimes feel in flux and when they do, it rocks our world. So, where do we turn for support?

You never really know the answer to this question until the Earth shifts and you find yourself in jeopardy. Then, despite the emotional upheaval, out of necessity you turn to that which sustains you in times of stress.

Each one of us is different. Some turn to close friends and family. Others prefer solitude, reflection, prayer, and spiritual activity. Or perhaps we go for long walks and take refuge in the physical exertion while we sort things out. Or maybe it’s all of the above and anything else that provides relief and the necessary distance to recalibrate.

I recommend that you not wait until something imposes itself on your world to seek this sustenance. Go for it now, while things are somewhat steadier. Renew yourself today, this week.  Fill up your tank regularly.

If you are a Facebook friend (and if you are not and want to be, just send me a friend request!), you know that I spend a lot of time with my dog, Sita, whenever I can.  I love taking her for a walk every morning I am home. It’s an extra treat in my day if the two of us can go for a walk along the Potomac, just 10 minutes from my home in DC. And a few times a year we go camping together, to enjoy the wilderness overnight including hikes in the woods, meditation (dogs love to meditate), and campfires.  That’s some of my soul medicine.

What’s yours? How do you fill up your tank and stay at your best?

Reading – even browsing – an old book can yield sustenance denied by a database search.

– James Gleick