heartImagine you are looking dead ahead, out into the future and there is a single light beaming from your chest into the uncertain tomorrow.

If you are like me that light is not made from a single purpose. I have multiple creative intents: family, health, visionary leaders I am supporting… they all call to me. So, what is it with that single light?

It’s the heart; the sparkle in your eyes and the knowledge in your mind. It will shine on the next person you see and be poured into the next email you write. There it is. A beautiful bunch of curiousity and glimmer that others see when they look in your eyes.

Your heart is an inner guidance system that comes alive when you need it most. What’s it telling you now? It’s time to listen. It has the message you have been waiting for!

When people trust you, lean on you, look to you for guidance, they are following your heart. Are you?

Did you know that the heart has a system of neurons that have both short and long term memory, and their signals sent to the brain can effect our emotional experiences?

 – HeartMath® Institute