The well-known story that illustrates the above point is Apple releasing the first iPhone while the iPod was still so popular, essentially cannibalizing their bestseller to sell something else. And the rationale, someone was going to take out the iPod, so Apple figured it ought to be them.

You see they wanted the next bestseller too, and the only way to do that if you’re #1 is beat #1, yourself.  That’s called taking accountability for lcableeading the market.

Let’s look at a sector that today represents the opposite approach box top cable companies. Last week was the death knell for the box top. Boy, that took a long time. Talk about resisting, trying to hold onto outdated technology… big box cable is now officially circling the drain.

And who will mourn their loss? No more expensive fees for a piece of technology that is instantly out of date, no more waiting for four hours for an installer to come to your house, no more shipping or worse driving the box back to their office when the service ends so you don’t get charged some ridiculous fee for an outdated and worthless piece of technology, no more extended waits for customer service calls when your show is just minutes from airing and your box ain’t doing its thing. What a shame.

This is an example of riding out a trapped consumer base. Guess what the reward is? When it’s time for your company to die people will breathe a sign of relief that they are no longer your prisoner and regale their children with tales of what it was like to be captured by an uncaring service provider.

What I am saying here is that the future will be won by those who lead.

That’s true for your week, too. This week will be won by those who lead in their own lives, in their own way. Get out ahead of yourself, do something you find astonishing. Set the bar. You’re the only person in your life with that amazing superpower. Use it!

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.

– anonymous