Here in DC we are with snow
again!  This has to be a great year to be a kid; the snow keeps
coming adjacent to the weekends forcing schools to close. This is the
5th such snow in the last 3 months!

Are these snows inconveniences? Not if you’re ready!  By ready I don’t mean you have your
snow shovel and salt at the door (though that’s a good thing). I mean
you have special activities planned to take advantage of the

Brubeck DinnerIt
could be an opportunity for some family time. We pull our couch up to
the fireplace, put on some Dave Brubeck, eat our meals and hang out
together. It’s a welcome break from our usual frenetic family activity
and brings us all together for some closeness and conversation.

Being ready could also be as simple as having a book with you when the
inevitable delays strike. I know several leaders with schedules that
are jam-packed who regularly read 5-10 books per month. Invariably they
have their books on hand and are ready at a moment’s notice to grab
5-15 minutes reading here and there.

Being prepared is also rehearsing how to take advantage of unlikely
meetings or rare business opportunities. It was Oprah Winfrey who said,
“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” Her meteoric rise to
influence is a testimony to being prepared and taking advantage every
time the opportunity presents itself.

What do you want to be ready for? Put some thought into it this week
and the next time life throws you a curve ball you can be ready to hit
a home run.

I’ve always
considered myself to be just average talent and what I have is a
ridiculous insane obsessiveness for practice and preparation.

– Will Smith