At the beginning of every week there is an
opportunity to set goals for the days ahead and the chance to raise the
bar on your own performance. Want to put a spring in your step, a
twinkle in your eye? Then, pick an area to focus on that means
something to you. Here are four candidates:

  1. TimeCraft
    – Each one of us gets the same amount of time as everyone else: 24
    hours in a day. What you do with it and the competencies you develop
    are yours to profit from.

  2. MindSet
    Your most important asset is the quality of mind you bring to every day
    actions. It will help you in challenges and opportunities, large and

  3. Communication
    – Let others know what you have been up to in ways that are tactful,
    inviting, engaging, proactive, and helpful.

  4. Value
    – Creating benefit for other people is a skill unto
    itself. Mastered by few, it creates demand on your participation. This
    is the very lever you pull to advance your position or your agenda.

Pock one of these or one of your own. This little project becomes a
personal edge that you bring to every engagement and task. It will make
you shine inside and out!

Both the man of
science and the man of action live always at the edge of mystery,
surrounded by it.

– J. Robert Oppenheimer