You may be familiar with my books, the most famous of which is, Getting Change Right” because it was a bestseller. It’s about how leaders transform organizations from the inside out.

Then there’s “Building Beehives: A Handbook for Creating Communities that Generate Returns.” The book includes case studies of my work with the World Bank, the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers, the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, and the Federal Chief Information Officers.

My most recent book, “Visionary Leadership: How Association Leaders Embrace Change and Disruption in the 21st Century,” where I provide case studies featuring Susan Neely’s work when she was leading the American Beverage Association.

But the book I want to talk about today, which has been very popular with leaders, is “Getting Innovation Right” because it’s about how leaders leverage inflection points to drive success. An inflection point is any time when there is a market acceleration. It could be a disruption, or it could be something that really propels you forward in a large way.

One of the things that leaders do very well is they see inflection points coming. I describe in the very first chapter the different type of inflection points, how to understand when they’re emerging, and what to do about them. Some of them are very positive, some of them are very negative. However, just like in sailing, if you know which way the wind is blowing, you can harness it to take your boat forward.