During the pandemic, it’s important to take the necessary measures: masking up and social distancing the foremost. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get out. When we have to spend so much time indoors it becomes really important that we find special times to be outdoors.

During a recent trip to South Carolina my daughter, Ruchi, and I had the opportunity to walk on the beach. It was a welcome relief to feel the cold water on our feet and breed the sea air.

We purposely chose a place where people were sparse so we could enjoy the natural refreshment of the ocean. But it’s not necessary to go far afield to enjoy nature‘s sustenance.

Where might you find some sun or wind or water to give you the sustenance nature provides in the week ahead?

“If you drive to, say, Shenandoah National Park, or the Great Smoky Mountains, you’ll get some appreciation for the scale and beauty of the outdoors. When you walk into it, then you see it in a completely different way.” – Bill Bryson