global giving logoEvery
day this year I am going to give $10 to a different cause, using the
website. It’s a self-led journey of transformation I dreamed up while
spending the weekend in NYC with my son. 

I started yesterday. These are the two projects I have donated to so

1. 1,000 seedlings for the Brazilian rainforest.
Not only good for the forest but also the muriqui, masked titi monkeys,
howler monkeys, ocelots, and margays that live there.

2. Dogs for Vets
Helping war veterans heal with the help of shelter dogs, saving the
lives of canines while providing relief to post traumatic stress

We’re all connected, right? I figure this is a way to transform my
consciousness while helping 365 projects, touching all points on the
globe, and providing a small but tangible contribution to human rights,
the environment, girls’ education, microfinance, poverty
alleviation, and more.

Every day I will publish the cause I help on my FaceBook
with a link in case any of my 388 friends want to join
me.  Since 2002 322,746 donors have given $84,924,805 to 7,858
projects on Global Giving. Check it out.

What kind of self-designed journey are you on? Write me and tell me and
I’ll post some of what I receive in a future Mojo.

With a highest
possible score of 70, Global Giving scored 64.38 on Financials and 70
on Accountability & Transparency.