When I was working for Steve Denning at the World Bank, and we were kicking off Knowledge Management in the mid-90s, I remember reading a copy of The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge, all about Learning Organizations. I got very excited and showed it to Steve.

Two weeks later we were sitting around a table with Peter Senge in his office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Steve didn’t hesitate. He read the book and took the entire team up to meet the author. It was a real demonstration for me of how fast and easy learning can be when you go straight to the source. We visited Peter two more times and I took a couple of classes with him through his Society for Organizational Learning.

Last September, thanks to my good friend, Robbie Baxter, I visited Silicon Valley and spent time with executives at Google, Pinterest, Apple, Mango Health, Kurbo, Badgeville and others. A number of business relationships sprouted from that visit, which are in play today.

Just last night I landed in Los Angeles. Today I visit the UCLA Department of Grand Challenges, where executive directors Michelle Popowitz and Jill Sweitzer have me fully programmed, meeting many of their leaders and staff. The week ahead I will be meeting with a number of people at the Xprize as well as Becky Margiotta, co-founder of the Billions Institute. Each one of these organizations is germane to my work on Grand Challenges – I look forward to learning a lot.

It gives me great joy to go and visit leaders who are doing great things for our world. I know they will open new horizons for me, sharing their work. This is all part of my dreams coming true.

Who do you want to visit in your dream quest?

The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.

– Norman Cousins