If you know what you want, you will experience those rare moments when life opens up and you suddenly have a clear shot at getting it. Of course, it’s mostly not like that! Achieving ambitious goals takes a clear understanding of the result you want, a good plan, the ability to execute, course correction and feedback, and periodic adjustment with the end in mind. But, then again, occasionally, the way forward opens up with remarkable clarity and the path to your objective appears with unparalleled ease. That’s the time to move, if there ever was a time!

How do you make such fortune? Is there a way to have more of those times when the way is clear?

Well, you do have to have that clear understanding of the result you are after. Without it, you might jump at a close second that really does not yield your goal. Take the time this week — today is good — right now is best — to write down exactly what you are looking for. What’s top of your list?  Health. Success. Impact. What really belongs at the top as your number one priority? And number two? Number three?

FranklinCovey studied over 80,000 organizations and discovered that that those with 1-3 overarching goals tended to achieve — guess how many?  1-3. That’s right, they hit all their goals. Those with 4-10 achieved less than 3. And those with more than 10 often achieved none. So, the number of goals you set really matters.

Know what’s important to you. Take ten minutes today. Just ten. Sit down. Take a couple of nice, deep breaths. Maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Write down your top three. I bet you already know what they are. Make them nice and clear. Then you will be in the perfect position to seize opportunity. Heck, you will be in the right position to recognize opportunity. That’s the set up for seizing it.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

– Milton Berle