Grand Challenges are powerful tools that organizations, thought leaders, and socially active citizens wield to make noble contributions to society and life. Many partners become key players in a collaborative exploration that changes the world for the better.

Here are some association Grand Challenges in motion today:
• The National Restaurant Association has teamed up with Healthy Dining on the Kids Live Well program to offer healthful options for children.
• The Entomological Society of America is focusing on the mosquito that transmits yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya, and other diseases, bringing together leaders in many fields to figure out how to reduce and sustainably manage the mosquito in the Americas.
• The American Geophysical Union is developing the Thriving Earth Exchange, a platform for bringing together people who need solutions, scientist problem-solvers, and sponsor-funders.
• The American Nurses Association has begun Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation to measurably improve the health of America’s 3.4 million nurses and by extension their family, friends, community, patients, and the country.

Taking on Grand Challenge like these brings seven key returns:

1. The mission return – amplifying and scaling your mission, improving impact.

2. The business return – growing profitable revenue.

3. The public sentiment return – improving public good will.

4. The stakeholder return – attracting new stakeholders aligned with your mission.

5. The engagement return – providing new activities and attracting next-gen participation.

6. The relevance return – increasing your relevance to members and every beneficiary.

7. The member/customer return – improving life quality, contributing to a higher cause.

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