Here in Washington, DC, there is an annual Holi festival held in late spring, although the real holiday occurs earlier in the year. People come together from all walks of life to celebrate together, listening to music and dancing together while they throw brightly colored powder on each other, or smear the colors on cheeks and foreheads. The result is a psychedelic mishmash in a frenzy of sound and flying explosions of color.  I love it! My daughter, who grew up in India, also loves it and so it is an annual family event.

Old people and young from many nationalities pour into a throng, shouting and celebrating together. We dance as a group, chanting Hindu mantras in time to the pulsing rhythms. It is the essence of festivity. And of course, there is food, families sprawled on the grass together eating masala dosas (potato curry wrapped in large pancakes), curried vegetables and rice, pakoras (deep fried vegetables in chick-pea flour).

Even though I only learned about this as an adult, it was an immediate hit for me. I love being around all these people happy, dancing and drenching each other in jubilant colors.

What brings joy to your life and how might you get a healthy dose in the week ahead?

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.”
– Mother Teresa