As you know if you read my writing regularly, I love to reflect and learn from my past especially this time of year. This helps me think about the future.  So, I have three questions for you that I believe will help you on your way:
1. What inspired you last year?
Was it a particular teacher (which could be a friend or a child just as much as a formal mentor or author)?
Perhaps it was a movement, a group of people who were working toward a common cause?
Maybe it was an idea that grabbed you or that you grabbed.
2. What were among your biggest challenges in 2017?
Did you have a personal obstacle to overcome?
Was there a situation at work that called on you to raise your game?
What growth did you experience as a result? How did it transform you?
3. What surprises caught you off-guard?
Where did you find an unanticipated turn of events?
How did you adapt, or did you?
Were you able to keep your sights on what you had planned, or did you get pulled in a new direction?
Did it bring any rewards your way?
Answer these three questions, and you have told an important part of the story that is your life for 2017.
I love to hear the life stories of people I meet. It’s one of my great pleasures. I am a story-listener as much as a storyteller. Next time you are looking for an interesting way to start a conversation, you might share one or more of these and then ask your conversation partner about their experience. It’s a great way to learn a lot about another, including someone you already know very well.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
― unknown