I am addicted to transformational leadership. I am in love with making a difference in the world, and the inner work required to make that happen. The only way we can do more, be more, and influence more is to transform ourselves. To rise higher and generate greater influence we must find ways to develop ourselves beyond our current limits.

I have been studying what it takes to lead in a world that is erupting in exponential growth, and one of the most interesting traits that I see in leaders today is intentional self-transformation. Every leader I know is keenly aware of their limitations and obsessed with overcoming them. Intentional self-transformation is but one of the tools at their disposal.

By intentional self-transformation, I mean seeking out the experiences and knowledge that open the mind, introduce new models, disrupt self-limiting behavior, and provide undeniable, experiential evidence that more can be done by you with the resources you have today. This comes from meeting people who are doing today what we want to do tomorrow. It comes by visiting places where people live and work differently, exposing ourselves to new ways of being and doing.

Intentional self-transformation is but one of seven leadership competencies I have identified, and if you want to see them all together, download my new report: What it Takes to Lead in 2018.

What do you want to learn? What aspirations do you have for your family, your self, your work? Who is doing what you dream of doing? How will you meet them? Maybe this week? Have a great Monday!

Transformation literally means going beyond your form.
-Wayne Dyer