Through my work with association executives, I’ve identified a theme. Associations must be preparing to not just get through the pandemic but to become stronger on the other side. The activities that you are engaged in now are laying the groundwork for your bridge to tomorrow. Jettisoning products and services that don’t add much value, restructuring organizations, and cutting bureaucracy; these actions enable your organization to be more powerful and agile.

One of the toughest issues many organizations are facing is whether or how to virtualize meetings. Organizations with meetings scheduled for as late as December are working through questions like:

  • Should we virtualize?
  • How do we engage sponsors?
  • What is the business model?

I am hosting a Hackathon that will answer those questions and more. Joining me are two special guests and experts in meeting planning; Lauren Parr, VP of Meetings for the American Geophysical Union and Jamie Murdock, VP of Sales at Experient, and hackathon expert. Lauren is currently engaged in virtualizing a meeting of 7k, and Jamie is a great leader with deep experience in both face-to-face and hybrid meetings.

During this two-session event, Jamie and Lauren will share their meeting planning experiences and engage you in designing meetings that not only work in a virtual world but prepare you for 2021 and beyond.  This event is limited to 30 people with a maximum of two representatives from each organization.

The event is free and carries CAE credit.

Join Lauren, Jamie, and me, Monday, May 18, at 1 pm ET for a 90-minute Zoom session. We will hold our final meeting Thursday, May 21, at 4 pm.