Is This Good-bye?

For over 10 years I have been sending out my weekly missive, Monday Morning Mojo. I started it because Monday is my favorite day of the week, with all of the possibilities of the week in front of me. I wanted to provide another point of view contrary to those who groan when Monday morning begins.

Today my career is at an inflection point. I am now involved in Grand Challenges in much bigger ways. I am engaged in three Grand Challenges now, and a very large change initiative at one of the world’s largest science museums. My inclination is to shift away from the weekly newsletter and put my energy into helping people tackle big, systemic issues as that seems to be such a crying need at this stage of civilization.

But, before I put away my keypad on Sunday night, I wanted to turn to you and see what your thoughts are. If Monday Morning Mojo serves a significant purpose in your life, please drop me a line so I can take into consideration your thoughts as I find my path forward.

And, I cannot help but ask, are you on point this week? Is there something you might let go of, or step up to deliver that is more in alignment with your objectives?

as always, looking forward,

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