Almost all of my clients and friends are always defending time for themselves. There is family, work (multiple projects), self-care and the need for downtime.

Downtime is extremely important for processing everything else. That’s one reason we sleep, so the brain can reorganize and integrate. If people deprive themselves of too much sleep they first become grumpy and irritable while their productivity declines. After that, if sleep continues to dwindle, you can actually become mentally unbalanced.

Yet, some people insist on squeezing every available moment out of every day to the point where they are doing 100 things with sub-par results, rather than the right things with excellent results. A self-defeating behavior if ever there was one.

Make sure you take time for yourself. I like to read, walk my dog, go to the gym. I plan one long weekend per month and vacations so I get real time away from everything. That keeps me fresh and focused.

What will you do this week to care for your self?

“Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.”
– Nikki Rowe