My 16-year-old son and I were up
until 3am on Sunday morning. It started around 10:30pm Saturday when we
both got home from the movies. I saw Interstellar and he saw The
Imitation Game, both great flicks. Each of us had seen the other, so we
could share reflections on both movies together. We met in the living
room around our fireplace and started talking about how the whole world
can change so fast, pivoting on a breakthrough or unforeseen event.

It was one of those nights when the conversation just cascaded into
greater and more powerful energy and then hit a long plateau of
laughter and reflective observations. At one point we were recounting
just about every funny moment in our shared lives we could remember.
The evening went by in a flash.

I remember kneeling by the fire, poking the logs and thinking about how
soon he will be off to college, how lucky I was to have him with me
right now, while we were enjoying each other’s company with such gusto.
I looked at him splayed out on the couch across from me with his
bearded grin and took exceptional delight in his joy. He is part man,
part boy, and no longer just a reflection of my energy and interests.
Now he generates his own gravity.

We went on and on until it became apparent we better go to bed or we
would be watching the sun come up and with it all of our plans for the
next day would be in jeopardy.

Sometimes the best gifts are those that come wrapped in simple good

These are the good old days

Carly Simon