Leadership and Balance

What would it be if you could sum up leadership in one word? Inspiration? Dedication? Execution? Strategy? Did you consider balance? In the video above, I share what I learned about leadership and balance while working with NASA.

I spent many years teaching leadership training at the Goddard Space Flight Center. During that time, I had the opportunity to deliver two keynotes at a retreat for the Academy of Program Project and Engineering Leadership, or APPEL, NASA’s senior-most project managers.

The managers at APPEL have been in their positions for decades, overseeing projects that span many administrations, working with budgets that swing wildly, and managing a workforce that sometimes exceeds one hundred thousand.

What I remember most about this group is their obsession with balance. Balance was a priority in engineering, sustainability, and leadership. Think about your leadership style and that of your most senior teams. Are you leading with balance?

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