A visionary leader is someone who aligns the well-being of society with that of their organization and their customers. When all three are aligned, you have a visionary trajectory.

In the early 2000s, I worked with NASA doing leadership development for their most senior managers, twice leading the NASA Masters Forum, which brings together the top project managers for NASA’s most extensive programs. I was engaged at NASA during the Columbia shuttle disaster, and through that tragedy, I learned that a healthy organization does not merely endure. A healthy organization transforms itself through the crisis, using the gravity of the situation to become a different kind of organization. We are faced with this very situation today.

In the video above, I outline the 4 Waves of the Healthcare Footprint, which can be broadly applied to many sectors of society.*

As leaders, we must learn how to transform our organizations through these circumstances—creating associations that will be acutely trained on improving the condition of our customers, operating inside society as a functioning unit, and making real contributions to the world.

Ask yourself which of the business processes you’ve let go of, and new work habits you’re developing will be sustained beyond the pandemic. The answer is those that help deliver on our mission better, faster, and with more power.

This is why I’ve created my COVID leadership school, an online program where executives can learn to lead effectively through the pandemic. Scholarships are available – no one will be turned away. Learn more at SethTeaches.com. I’m also offering free resources like mp3s, infographics, and more on covideleaders.com.

*Source: Victor Tseng, MD, University of Colorado Boulder