I have been reading and listening to Rick Hanson for some time. He is a neuroscientist who is also a great teacher and non-mystical Buddhist.  He explains how our brains work and provides great insights on how to get yours working in your favor.

The first book of his that I read is Hardwiring Happiness.  Here’s a great YouTube of Rick doing his thing. And he has a new book coming out in just a week or so, Resilient.

This weekend I took some of Rick’s advice and leaned toward spiritual renewal, which for me meant attending a Krishna Das concert, and making homemade chocolate eclairs for my family. 🙂

The eclairs are a bit of a story: my wife wrote a song about our great breakfasts together (I will send a link when it’s available. It’s called French Toast Sweet Roast) in which she mentions the eclairs I make for breakfast. Well, I have never actually done that, so I did it this weekend. Although they did not look like traditional eclairs, they taste great!

All of this to say, leaning toward the good is a great respite from busy-ness or worry! Thank you, Rick Hanson.

How can you lean into your good this week?

“Nurturing your own development isn’t selfish. It’s actually a great gift to other people.”
-Rick Hanson