I first read Peter Senge’s book, The Fifth Discipline: the Art and Practice of the
Learning Organization
, in the mid 90s. I had never heard of Senge
and was impressed by his approach. I shared the book with my boss and
within a couple of weeks we were in sitting in Senge’s office in
Cambridge discussing our organization’s plans in detail with him.

Our ability to quickly meet and learn from the best greatly accelerated
our success. At the time I was working on Knowledge Management at the
World Bank. We experienced meteoric success in the year ahead and
received international recognition for our program. Part of our triumph
was due to our ability to find and meet with the people who could make
a difference, fast.

For my executive clients I often include a component of competitive
intelligence, gathering and analyzing the knowledge they need to make
strategic decisions. It’s not unusual to identify a specific individual
who has key information. Whenever possible I meet them face-to-face.
The quality of the interaction is high. I build a relationship I can
continue to draw on. And, my life is the richer for having met an
expert face-to-face.

If there is someone you believe can make a difference in your life then
pick up the phone and get on a plane. Life is a contact sport. You
deserve to be in touch with people who can make a difference for you.