Back in my hometown of Austin, Texas, where it is 100° and it feels good to be here nonetheless.

Proud to be working and presenting at the North American Leadership Conference for Promotional Products Association International. Led a working session with some of the industry leaders this morning and absolutely loved it. There is nothing like a good group of business CEOs thinking together to light my fire.

But, that is not my subject today. Rather it is to relish in a cup of coffee at the diner.

Yes we need meaning and good work that brings joy. But that doesn’t replace the small things in life. Here at 24 Diner I love the shape of the cup and – hot damn! – the coffee tastes great. It’s a mellow brew.

What special treat can you create for yourself this week to bring a little extra satisfaction to your day?

“ Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”
-Henri Nouwen