Ruchi at 9When my wife and I travelled to India and met our newly adopted daugher, we thought she was about six years old. Her facial features and height seemed like a little child’s.

Over the course of the last three years in our home she has grown six years! We recently confirmed this with a bone scan. According to her wrist x-ray she is about twelve years old now.

This means she was really about nine when we adopted her. She just looked like she was six.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that our little girl was really nine when we picked her up. That is what  the absence of good nutrition and parental love does – it literally stunts a child’s growth. You can see it in the pictures to the right. The top was taken in 2012 shortly after coming to Ruchi at 12our house and the bottom was just a a month or so ago.

What about you? Are you getting the nutrition and love you need?

We all need to have our souls and our bodies cared for. Do something nice for yourself this week. Nurture your being and while you’re at it, have a plate of something extra nutritious. Those two together are magic.

Somehow or other, I always end up in a kitchen feeding a crowd.

 – Laurie Colwin