Why is it so important to love yourself? Because
there are some things your soul needs that no one else can provide as
well as yours truly.

  • There are those moments, when it’s just you and
    you alone who can relish the present.  Take the time and fill your
    experience with the deep satisfaction that comes from authentic

  • Pick up a new skill or indulge in an experience
    that brings marvelous gratification. Who’s to say whether it’s Thai
    cooking or archery, reading on the beach or mastering a craft? There’s
    only one who can truly measure the pleasure of personal fulfillment.
    Rely on that one to guide you.

  • Give a gift anonymously or without hope of
    reciprocation. Know the joy that comes from the intention that fuels
    the act. No one other than you can experience that.

When you ensure that you have what you need – health, energy, good
friends, a high spirit, and attention to give those you treasure most –
you develop yourself in ways that no one else can, important ways. This
is the irreplaceable ingredient that makes it possible for you to
become the best possible you.

What can you do for yourself today, in the next hour or so, which will
please you deeply? And what about this week? Is there something that
will yield an inner reward you yearn for?

I am going to… oh, I don’t think I’ll share it. But, if you see a
twinkle in my eye, you’ll know what’s up.

Love yourself
first and everything else falls into line. Your really have to love
yourself to get anything done in this world.

– Lucille Ball