Memorial Day

Memorial DayHere in the USA Memorial Day is a holiday reserved for honoring those who gave their lives in service to our country while serving in the military. Did you know that the first Memorial Day service was held less than a month after the end of the Civil War by Blacks just freed from enslavement?

A race track, the Washington Race Course and Jockey Club in Charleston, South Carolina, had been converted into a prison by the Confederacy. More than 250 Union soldiers died there and were buried in a mass grave. When Charleston was conquered by the Union troops many of the emancipated slaves stayed, now free. They exhumed the mass grave and reinterred the bodies in a new cemetery. The following May 1 a crowd of 10,000, mostly freed Blacks, staged a commemoration that included military marches, over 3,000 Black school children singing with flowers, and religious sermons.

How will you honor those who have fallen for your freedom today?

“Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.” –  James Bryce

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