As we head toward the end of 2017 it’s a great time to harvest insights for this year and begin preparing for an even better year in 2018.

Every December I get out my calendar and pour through my emails, which are filed by event and the leaders I work with. I review all that has happened, taking note with what I have learned. These notes become the fodder for a new me, a stronger vision, a clearer purpose in the year ahead.

I have an overriding life purpose of helping people and organizations to be all they can be, realize their potential and contribute to a better world. How I do that changes with circumstance and is always open to improvement. So, December marks a month of conscious improvement for me, a time to lift my sights, add fuel to my fire, and plan to exceed my own expectations.

The primary bottleneck of my success is my own mindset, a combination of my enthusiasm and the mental models I have for creating results. December is my time to examine those, learn from the past year and gear up for a new level of impact. I carry that intention to my personal life, my family and my clients.

Here’s the process I use:

  1. Read through my calendar and make notes of insights: what I love about what happened and what I learned so I can do better.
  2. Do the same with my email account, sticking to events I created or presented for, and the leaders I worked with.
  3. Write up all my notes, with any additional insights that occur to me. Do this in my journal, so it’s easy to carry around for the month.
  4. Design the best possible questions based on what I learned. Better questions yield better answers. Stupendous questions yield extraordinary answers!
  5. Reread my notes and my questions periodically over December, and be ready when insight strikes to sit down and record my revelations.

How can you use the week ahead to harvest 2017 and prepare for 2018?

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”
-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.