I dropped Sita off at doggy school Saturday.

Sita both ears upI hope she’ll come back with a PhD. But a BA would be great. If she just learns a couple of classes really well, I will be satisfied!

Sita, at 120#, is one big puppy. She has two traits that are bred into her genes (1) she is a predator, and (2) she is made to listen.  Those two traits can go against each other, and when they do it could be the first that wins out. By way of example we ended up with a dead rabbit in our yard when she was a younger dog.

Now that she is a full-grown adult, it’s time to make sure she has everything she needs to stay out of trouble. I aim to make sure she can listen when it’s important.  And so on Saturday I dropped her off at The Canine Training Center, a camp with a reputation for taking good care of their dogs… and working well with larger animals.

I love Sita extraordinarily.  She’s my girl. Now she’s gone for two weeks to pick up some new tricks and learn something extra about how to behave. My goal is to have a happy domestic pet in our home for her lifetime.

How are you setting yourself up for success? It’s a great thing to go out on a limb, risking your heart. It’s also prudent to make it hard to fail.

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.

 – Kinky Friedman