alaskaAny time
I get to visit someplace close to the wild I spend some of my trip with
Mother Nature.

After running the Executive Leadership Council conference for the
Associated General Contractors of America in Anchorage, Alaska, I was
lucky enough to have an extra day and drove to Seward. The highway is
one of the most scenic in the USA, filled with jagged mountain peaks,
alpine meadows, beautiful fjords, and stunning lakes.

The weather was overcast and misty which only added to the natural
beauty. Occasionally I would look up and the clouds would part to
reveal the side of a mountain towering overhead, up where it seemed sky
should be.

I visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation seward highwayCenter
where I was able to get up close and personal with bison, bears, moose,
reindeer, musk oxen and caribou. The moose and reindeer were
exceptionally friendly and the other animals were powerful in their
quiet strength, gracefully meandering through their ample enclosures
with only a bit of fence separating them from us viewers.



It was easy to see why many people make their
sojourns into the Alaskan wilderness during the summer. The green was
everywhere, the weather cool and easy to enjoy, the fauna dramatic and
the flora resplendent.

What bit of beauty can you steel away and see this week? Where does
your soul drink in the mystery of life in nourishing ways?

Plans to protect air and water, wilderness
and wildlife
are in fact plans to protect man.
– Stewart Udall